Gilles Barthes

Gilles Barthes



Sales & Marketing Manager HV GIS North America, Siemens

·       Business and Product Manager for Siemens GIS High Voltage Products in the US, Gilles Barthes is responsible for the Front End GIS business: Sales, Marketing, Tendering and Product Development for the US Market at Siemens.

·       Involved in the High Voltage GIS business over 18 years, Gilles started in France with Merlin Gerin, a Schneider-owned company, developing Spain and South America GIS Markets and moved to the US when VATECH acquired Schneider High Voltage in 2002.

·       Siemens acquired VATECH in 2005 and since then, Gilles has been in charge of Siemens penetration of the GIS market with significant sales in the East Coast of the US.  He has built the GIS range for US market specifics and made the Siemens GIS US business a key player in North America



Siemens Clean Air GIS, a CO2 Neutral Technology  

The global direction is to eliminate F-gases from being released into our atmosphere.  In fact, California CARB is taking the step to have all utilities eliminate SF6 from switchgear in the near future.  The newly released high voltage 145kV, 40kA GIS product provides utilities with multiple benefits in performance, operation and maintenance while providing a CO2 neutral option to SF6 filled switchgear.

As an alternative to SF6 gas insulation medium, the Siemens Blue range GIS uses natural clean air (20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen) in each compartment to eliminate environmentally harmful F-gasses. This Ozone friendly new development product brings additional benefits and cost savings in multiple areas. All impurities and moisture are removed from the atmospheric gas prior to filling the GIS compartments.      Breakers, Clean Air