Mark Tostrud

Mark Tostrud

Dynamic Ratings


Mark Tostrud is the Technology Officer for Dynamic Ratings, Inc.  located in Sussex, Wisconsin.  He joined Dynamic Ratings in the fall of 2006 and has been instrumental in helping DR customers incorporate online monitoring into their condition based maintenance programs.  Mark’s goal is to improve the understanding of the technologies and analytics the monitors offer so customers can get the most out of their monitoring systems, improve their system performance and make better asset management decisions

Prior to his present position, Mark was a Construction & Maintenance Supervisor at We Energies.  During his 19 years at We Energies, Mark lead the implementation of many of condition based monitoring programs for substation equipment. Mark is a past officer of the Doble Oil Committee, and was an active member on various Doble Committees and Subcommittees including the Transformers, Insulating Materials, DGA of LTCs and others. 

Mark is a registered professional engineer in the State of Wisconsin.




Online Monitoring 101

Wisconsin Utilities today are facing monumental challenges that they must address to be successful in the future.  Aging infrastructure, an aging utility workforce, and O&M constraints are often identified as important challenges that utility executives feel they must address to be successful in the future.  On-line monitoring is becoming increasingly popular as utilities search for ways to address these challenges.

 Identifying what to monitor is often the easiest part.  Excellent resources are available to guide the user to the technologies available to prevent failures.  What many companies fail to recognize is that the selection and installation of the monitor is only the beginning.  To get the most our of their investment, process and organizational changes are often required to fully realize the new technology.  Too often, utilities install the monitoring system and connect the alarms through the traditional infrastructure only to hear that the system operators and first responders don't know what to do once an alarm is received.  A successful online monitoring program must also address how the alarms and information will be brought out of the monitor, where the data will be stored, who will review the data to ensure the system is working correctly, what is the appropriate response to the alarms, and who will respond to the alarms. 

This paper will discuss the monitoring technologies available for your major substation assets and things to consider in the selection process. The paper will also address challenges utilities encounter during implementation of these technologies and present solutions to those challenges.