Randy Williams

Randy Williams






Randy Williams is presently the Development Manager with North American Services [NASS] and NOMOS concentrating on Standardization of Control Cabinets, Transformer Service and Protection and Controls Field Service.

Prior to his present position, Mr. Williams was Marketing Manager for ABB located in Alamo, TN and responsible for the  marketing and sales to all utility and industrial end users for transformer components in the United States electrical utility arena. Mr. William’s other previous positions include Bushing Engineering for Westinghouse/ABB with the most recent being Customer Service Manager and Master Scheduler of the ABB Alamo, TN Components Division.  He has worked at Westinghouse and ABB with a total of 37 years of experience in bushing design, manufacturing, field testing, and field failure investigation. 

 Randy graduated with an associate degree in Business Management from Jackson State University and has prolific industry participation with IEEE and all major industry conferences within North America.




Transformer Control Cabinet Standardization

This presentation will address the continuing concerns from the Electrical Utility Industry Safety and Human Performance Concerns with nonstandard control cabinets on power transformers within the United States.

The Utilities within the US now procure small to large power transformers from around the world and from many different suppliers.  Although a majority of the Utilities within the US specify transformers to be provided to the IEEE Standards there is no consistency of control cabinets being supplied to the end user which allows for human performance and safety concerns to Utility field technicians in the field.

Within this presentation we will discuss the opportunity of standardizing control cabinets to create a safer product and environment for the utility personnel and many other utility concerns such as engineering time management for design approval,  lead time of cabinet, spare parts, and integrating monitoring systems.