Brian Sparling

Brian Sparling

Dynamic Ratings


Brian D. Sparling, a Senior Member of IEEE, is a Regional Manager with Dynamic Ratings Inc. Brian has over twenty years of experience in the field of power and distribution transformers. For the last 22 years he has been involved in all aspects of monitoring and diagnostics and condition assessment of power transformers.

He has authored and co-authored more than 20 technical papers on various topics dealing with the monitoring and diagnostics of transformers.

He has worked on many guides and standards with the Canadian Electricity Association, IEEE Transformers Committee and, the CIGRÉ A2 Transformer committee.





Condition Assessment Methodology for Transformers & Components

Power transformers are expensive and critical equipment in power systems play a significant role in the transmission and distribution of electricity. Although transformers are generally reliable pieces of equipment, failures do occur, and there are many degradation mechanisms operating in components and sub-systems that will ultimately limit the useful operating life.

It is important for transformer users and asset managers to be adequately equipped to assess the condition of a fleet of transformers in service in their utility/organisation as a basis for making critical decisions about operations. In other words, classifying candidates and priorities for, repair/rectification of minor failures, refurbishment or replacement. Users and asset managers need to understand all the failure modes of transformers to pinpoint the part of the transformer affected, and to identify appropriate responses. Broadly there may be failures in active parts of transformers or their accessories due to dielectric, mechanical or thermal breakdown. Some sub-components also have their own unique failure mechanisms.


This presentation and paper aim to focus on the work completed by the CIGRE WG A2.49 and will set out three unique case histories that apply the intent of the now published Technical Brochure TB 761 Guide for Transformer Condition Assessment. The failure modes, the tests and diagnostic methods, and methods of combining the available data into useful information in the form of assessment indices that form the basis for decision making and intervention prioritisation in transformer asset management.