Claude Beauchemin

Claude Beauchemin

TJH2b Analytical Services


Claude Beauchemin graduated from Université de Montréal in chemistry in 1976. He has been working 30 years for Syprotec (acquired by GE Canada) in the development and application of on-line gas-in-oil monitors for power transformer (Hydran, Faraday and Intellix systems).

Claude joined TJ|H2b Analytical Services in 2011 as Director of Technical Development and Director of Quality Assurance. He is member of the IEEE Transformer Committee (chair of C57.104 DGA interpretation guide and member of several WG), CIGRE (A2.44, A2.47, A2.49, A2D1.46, D1.52 and D1.53), ASTM (Chair of D27.03), IEC (TC10), SCC and the Ordre Des Chimistes du Québec.



 DGA today, the new IEEE C57.104 Interpretation Guide . A Review


IEEE just released an updated version of the well know C57.104 “Guide for the Interpretation of Gases Generated in Mineral Oil-Immersed Transformers”. This is a major revision with new procedures, new limits tables, new DGA interpretation methods, updated description of the DGA process, detailed fault types description, examples and case studies. For all practical purposes, it should be viewed as a new guide rather than just an “update”. This presentation will review the major changes in this new version of the guide. It will be followed by a round table the following day, moderated by the chair of the WG that did the revision.