Found only in Denver, TechCon® attendees will be a part of history as
one of the first groups to tour these remarkable facilities.

Facility tours to Panasonic CityNOW and SolarTac Technology Acceleration Center are held on Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018. Transportation is included. View full schedule here.

Tour 1: Panasonic CityNOW Tour                                                                                                

CityNOW is Panasonic’s North American business unit focused on delivering transformational solutions for cities, utilities, state DOTs, and private real estate developers.  Panasonic’s CityNOW business is based in Pena Station NEXT, a 382-acre transit-oriented development that is a public-private partnership between the City & County of Denver, Denver International Airport, Xcel Energy, LC Fulenwider, Panasonic. Pena Station NEXT features a unique solar + storage microgrid that makes the development net power positive, and Xcel, NREL and Panasonic are currently working on an innovative plan to make the development carbon neutral.

Additional smart city solutions deployed at Pena Station NEXT include autonomous EV shuttles, connected vehicles, smart street lights, environmental sensing, and ultra-scaleable community Wi-Fi. The tour will also include a visit to the brand new CityNOW Smart City Innovation Showcase, a 5K square foot immersive demo facility for highlighting a wide range of smart building, district and city solutions. CityNow is in partnership with Xcel Energy.

Photo Source: Panasonic CityNOW
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