Mobile Lab Trailers
Tour & Explore the Featured Mobile Labs Curbside During TechCon®

ABB Components Roadshow

With a focus on products manufactured to IEEE Standards at the ABB-Alamo facility in West-Tennessee, visitors to the ABB Roadshow will enjoy the opportunity to familiarize themselves with products renowned for their Westinghouse and GE heritages. The Roadshow offers a first-class, customer-oriented experience that features a thirty-eight foot, temperature-controlled, Featherlite® trailer designed to showcase ABB products in a hospitable environment.

Hosted by expert tour guides, the Roadshow’s displays highlight ABB-Alamo’s VRLTC, the world’s first smart-grid-ready tap changer with digital motor drive; O + C and Type T bushings made with Oil-Impregnated, Paper Condensers; O Plus Dry bushings made with Resin-Impregnated, Synthetic Condensers; and Load Tap Changers. The Roadshow also houses transformer accessories known as ABB Transformer Intelligence. Measurement and safety devices include a PRD, Buchholz Relay, Regenerating Breather, Oil Level Indicator, and Temperature and Winding Indicators that can connect to data collectors such as ABB’s CoreSense.

Experience Reinhausen Manufacturing's Mobile Lab

Experience this 7-minute self-guided tour in Reinhausen Manufacturing’s fully equipped mobile laboratory. Designed to travel to all sizes of working facilities, this self-contained 48 foot trailer provides all the vital equipment to benefit needed services. Brought to us by Reinhausen Manufacturing.