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What is TechCon?

Where Technology and Innovation Meet

TechCon® Worldwide Conferences and Expos are annual events devoted to the discussion of technology development and solutions which improve key high voltage maintenance programs and asset management strategies for the aging electrical grid infrastructure.

Produced by TJH2b Analytical Services, delegates will meet with a mix of utility industry experts as presenters, utility workforce members, corporate suppliers and decision-makers eager to network and share their vast knowledge and experiences. Delegates will have contact with exhibitions that afford extensive networking opportunities and access to the latest industry technology developments and successes. Your career will be enriched by your attendance at TechCon® Worldwide Conferences and Expos.

Who should attend?

TechCon® is designed to provide a wide range of educational options for delegates whether they are newcomers or seasoned professionals. TechCon® delegates include generation, transmission and distribution executives and personnel; electrical engineers; maintenance and asset managers; consultants; service providers; manufacturers; insurance companies; utility maintenance specialists and technicians; substation superintendents.

Why attend a TechCon® Conference and Expo?

Each TechCon® is unique to its region of origin. Conferences vary, but all offer the highest quality of educational content, technology and customer service. Here is an example of TechCon North America’s Conference and Expo.

  • Two and a half days of General Sessions – Featuring a stellar lineup of worldwide industry experts and leaders as presenters.
  • Three days of Training Sessions – Covering various topics such as Load Tap Changer Maintenance, Circuit Breaker Lubrication and How to Process and Maintain Transformers to name a few.
  • A Conference Dinner and Entertainment.
  • Tours and special events.
  • A Round-Table Interchange – This is an opportunity for delegates to interact with subject experts and others, ask questions and suggest solutions, all while getting to personally know these important colleagues.
  • Two days of Exhibitors - Displaying the most recent in new equipment and technology.
  • A USB drive of the proceedings.

Which TechCon® should I attend?

Each TechCon® has unique characteristics, globally dispersed for affordability and respected for the highest level of educational offerings. You may need to consider attending all of them.

TechCon North America was first held in 1996 in New Orleans, Louisiana. It has since moved about the United States, accommodating the growing number of delegates and utility Hosts. It often includes a facility tour of the sponsoring utility. Most recently, the conference averaged 200 in attendance representing 12 various countries and 25 exhibiting corporations. TechCon North America offers a general session jam packed with education by global experts. It also offers a concentrated “training track” with hands-on demonstrations and a Round-Table Interchange with two separate environments allowing experts and others to interact, exchange challenges, successes and networking.

TechCon Aus-NZ began in 1999 in collaboration with Wilson Transformer Company Pty Ltd where TJH2b Analytical Services houses their diagnostic laboratory. The conference is a two day event with a program tailored to industry. Firmly focused on Condition-based maintenance and life-management for high voltage power equipment, it attracts more than 200 delegates, supporters and industry leaders annually. TechCon Asia Pacific conferences are often teamed up with a 1 day conference with Cigre’. The combination of these two powerhouse organizations make for an exemplary experience.

Euro TechCon began in 1996 as an educational resource to the European electric power industry. Euro TechCon draws nearly 150 in attendance representing, 44 countries and 18 exhibition spaces. Held each year in the United Kingdom, near TJH2b’s diagnostic laboratory in Bromborough, this conference gathers the greatest minds and introduces up-to-the-minute electric power technologies to date.

TechCon SE Asia Due to the success of TechCon® Worldwide, we are pleased to announce the addition of the TechCon® SE Asia Conference that will be held 11-12 April 2017.

Timber Creek Golf Club

Tuesday, February 14, 2017
12:00pm to 5:30pm

Space Center Houston at NASA Johnson Space Center

Tuesday, February 14, 2017
1:00pm to 5:30pm

OMICRON Training Center

Tuesday, February 14, 2017
4:00pm to 5:00pm

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Produced by TJ|H2b Analytical Services, TechCon® Worldwide Conferences and Expos are annual events devoted to the discussion of technology development and solutions which improve key high voltage maintenance programs and asset management strategies for the aging electrical grid infrastructure. Annual conferences are held in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and due to the success of TechCon® we are pleased to announced the addition of TechCon® SE Asia in 2017.

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